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Why book a Bag Drop?

Travelling is an exhilarating adventure filled with new discoveries and experiences, but it is not without its logistical challenges.


One of the most common problems faced by travellers is what to do with their luggage before check-in or after check-out and where to store excess luggage when travelling outside their main destination. Thankfully, the introduction of mobile luggage storage and delivery services is changing the game - no more precious time wasted travelling back and forth to storage lockers, storerooms or shops to store and retrieve your luggage.


What is Mobile Luggage Storage?


Mobile Luggage Storage Services offer scheduled, seamless collection, storage and delivery of luggage directly to and from the traveller at their chosen location, whether it's an airport, cruise terminal, home-share or coffee shop.


Booking is simple and efficient through user-friendly apps or websites. Live tracking of the driver during collection and delivery as well as chat support capabilities offer convenience, flexibility and peace of mind.


Why use Mobile Luggage Storage Services?


Mobile luggage storage services are a travel game-changer that streamlines your travel experience when transitioning between flights or accommodation by reclaiming those lost hours experienced by travellers when:


  • Arriving early and checking in to your accommodation later in the day

  • Checking out and departing later in the day

  • Transferring from one accommodation to another

  • Making use of connecting flights

  • Arriving by sea and departing by air, or vice versa.


This service is particularly beneficial when travelling out of town for special occasions like a wedding, music festival or sports event and then returning later to their main destination. Moreover, when embarking on activities like visiting a game farm, travellers can opt for this service to store extra luggage, allowing them to travel light and fully enjoy their adventure.

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